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Ways to Lighten Your Bathroom

If you have a big bathroom or a smaller bathroom, it’s one of the most frequently used areas in your home. With so much time spent during the day or afternoon, and even in the evenings inside the bathroom it’s easy to comprehend how getting the most value out of this space is essential to the majority of homeowners. 

Whatever you decide to use your bathroom space for most, one thing is sure is that, when you’re required for it to be used, having it bright and well lit is the primary element of the room. 

Make use of these three strategies to illuminate your bathroom and you’ll maximize the use of your bathroom.

Task Lighting

A very significant feature of the bathroom is the vanity and mirror space. 

A lot of people use this area more frequently than showers and toilets together. 

From applying makeup to cleaning your teeth to trying tie-making, the mirror and vanity are awash with applications that require excellent lighting to help the space-efficient. 

This is why task lighting is essential to every bathroom-the job. Lighting solutions for task lighting such as monorail, can-lighting, and bar lighting are best when placed in and around the areas of your bathroom that you are most likely to use.

Natural Lighting

It’s crucial to incorporate different lighting sources regardless of what room within your home you illuminate. 

Natural light in bathrooms can be a fantastic method to make maximum benefit from your space, which is the most utilized. 

Natural light from skylights, windows, or solar tubes is some of the most effective ways to light up your bathroom. Skylights and other fixed glass are great for light, they do not provide the greatest ventilation. 

Hopper-style windows provide one of the top windows for ventilation and lighting. Windows are the best choice for bathroom lighting and ventilation. 

Hopper windows can be opened from the top to ensure humid and hot air is easily ventilated and natural sunlight shines through the room. 

Windows such as casements, awnings,s, and single/double hung are among the most popular designs for windows in a bathroom space. 

It is important to ensure that, no matter which type of window you decide to put inside your bathroom that the glass has been made to be tempered to protect you from the risks of glass that has been broken within the bathroom. 

In certain areas tempering glass is required under the code of the building.

Ambient Lighting

Lighting sources that are ambient in nature are required to create an equilibrium between the various lighting sources that are employed in the bathroom. 

A very frequent method that which ambient light can be used in bathrooms is by using the use of fluorescent light. 

While this popular light is great to illuminate the bathroom, however, it’s not suitable for all. 

A source of ambient lighting can be found in a selection of styles and lighting fixtures and therefore choosing the most appropriate style for your home is an issue of personal preference. 

Whatever type the ambient lighting source chooses to use ensure that it’s in front or above the mirror or vanity and not behind. 

This will help prevent shadows and irritating reflections that could result from improperly placed ambient lighting fixtures.

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